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Wang Dongde sell plum cake sell good fortune

in the case of your original craft, you will learn another craft, and then leave home to start a business? More importantly, this time you are old, you have to bear the risk of a very large business, which is a lot of people are afraid to try. However, Wang Dongde, the hero of the novel, has done it, and has created his own fortune.

king of the old man is a famous King of the Northeast barbecue last year, he did ten years of barbecue, but changed the line, leaving his hometown in Heilongjiang, his family moved to a strange city of Ji’nan. But the old man’s business was only two months old, and the sales were over a thousand times. Wang old man that music, come to Ji’nan is right. Wang old man to sell what is it? Why did he come to Ji’nan? The original selling plum cake is a very profitable industry, since he learned that the profitable business, he immediately moved up a big idea.

who lives in the northeast of the old king of Harbin is a famous barbecue king, his barbecue has more than 20 kinds of ingredients, ancestral formula, has been well received by the people, the business is very hot. One day in June 2005, Wang old man was watching TV at home, CCTV introduced a foreign snack attracted his attention. The project is the king of the old man under the action of the heart, a few days after the broadcast he took his wife went straight to the program in the birthplace of the kind of snacks – thousands of miles away from the city of Nanjing. What makes the old man of Nanjing city so impatient?

Wang Dongde: "plum cake in Nanjing is really a fire, from 9 in the morning to more than the beginning of the evening of more than 10, a long queue every day. I have been there for 2 days, I bought a taste is really very delicious, crisp outside inside the tender, sweet and not greasy, I would like to bring it back to the north to the northeast, the fire will be sure to sell!"

let the old man himself did not expect that this trip to Nanjing completely changed his life. The 10 years in Heilongjiang barbecue barbecue king, then changed the line to sell the plum cake, but also the family came to the house of Ji’nan. What is the reason for him to put a good barbecue business do not sell plum cake? What is the reason for him to sell the house and his family moved to Ji’nan?

Wang Dongde: "the two of us have a pension, and we both go to the barbecue shop, it’s all for the kids. But occasionally see this plum cake so fire, I think with his wife to discuss a simple we do plum cake."

old two all the way to Nanjing to pay 5000 yuan tuition, the learning process is very smooth, 3, 4 days, the school have learned a call while the old two time in the best of spirits going back home to the son of the king of the old man a be taken by surprise!

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