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Taobao Taobao Manager how to attract customers to promote your products


manager recently a lot of friends through QQ, want to contact consulting some Taobao customers to promote the basic problem, is how to attract customers to promote Taobao products, specifically wrote this article, hope to find the answer to the manager of Taobao is still hard to have a little help or some inspiration.

Taobao guest this promotion route, first thinking must turn, this time the "customer is God" should become a "Taobao customer is God", for an enterprise, the market is king, Taobao customers as a business object, they need to provide something for Taobao customers, it is Taobao customers to promote the kingly way. Of course, the necessary way of speculation also need, the last time we shared "the network hype is also learning, analysis of several factors, in fact is that the word speculation is not a derogatory term, just part of the planning staff, marketing operation is not properly, and caused to consumers to resist, the speculation is based on real events as an example, to for the purpose of product or business promotion! Usually called event marketing, soft Wen, are in fact true. Start point, Taobao how to attract customers to promote your products! The product factor here is not to say, for example, high commission, high credibility etc.. read more

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How to choose a suitable electricity supplier ERP

electric ERP’s goal is to hope for the seller / brand enterprises in the electronic commerce of expenditure. Specifically, it will help enterprises to improve efficiency, improve throughput, reduce errors, reduce operational risk, improve customer satisfaction, improve decision-making ability, standardize the process, improve the level of information, etc..

But when

really relates to the electricity supplier of ERP software, many sellers / brand enterprises but it is not clear whether ERP can solve the problem of what, or simply do not know whether you need a ERP or Invoicing software, and the ERP market and the price gap between dragons and fishes jumbled together, how the software quality is uneven. Choose a suitable for their own electricity supplier ERP, for sellers, is prevalent in the hearts of confusion. read more

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Single strong buy site in China’s development will go from here


Groupon achieved good business record in the United States, the first half of the website profit, the first year revenue of $50 million, a year and a half site valuation of up to $1 billion 350 million, so it will make good record has super ability to imitate Chinese Internet community heart, then another was born in the United States Internet model is China on earth spark Liaoyuanzhishi rapid development, since the beginning of the first domestic group purchase website was born, just a few months has been gradually becoming the "hundred regiments" thousand group war "spectacular, no wonder the first financial weekly" crazy group purchase "as a new issue of the magazine cover. read more

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College students entrepreneurship plan

With the rapid development of

(Internet) as the leading information industry, there is a profound change in all fields of society. Experts predict that within a few years, China will become the world’s largest Internet users in the country. For failing to keep up with the pace of the domestic campus network status quo, different from the ‘net’ ‘card’ unity ‘mode of operation, perhaps another solution can be used for reference.
several endowed with passion and wisdom to the youth of this "campus network" and "easy to plan the campus" market feasibility analysis and financial analysis, formulated the "aimed at the development of industry and commerce university campus network" and other promotional strategies to the construction of campus network, and combined with the current market situation of risk analysis. According to the school’s advantages, to set up campus network e-commerce network "(remote online, online shopping, intelligent vision based projects).
, a scheme of integrated campus network campus website –
based on Beijing Technology and Business University website target LAN and WAN based on the campus web site has become all the teachers and students to provide a full range of services (including information services and business services) multi functional website, can make the school educational administration management computerization, networking. Through the link on the Internet to expand the visibility of Beijing Technology and Business University in the community. The object of the service is all the students and staff in the school, the school management in the use of network system, can make the information more rapid, safe, accurate flow. China talent guide
page includes: read more

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Ding Tao why electricity supplier fake price war endless

(fast transit network columnist: Ding Daoshi) since the Taobao double 11, the electricity supplier promotion has become the norm. Three days a small promotion, a big promotion of the five days, can not describe the domestic electricity supplier website promotions frequently.

in June this year, the electricity supplier website as the temperature continues to rise, in hot climates and staged a unprecedented promotion war, almost all first-line business sites are involved in the war spread to the vast majority of online shopping users. Major electricity providers have claimed to ultra-low discount promotions, often hit a few hundred million consumers. But the price war is the loss of suppliers, discounts are also provided by the supplier, the electricity supplier as a platform side but in the use of promotional festival to make money. read more

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Mother Honey bud into the initial pattern of the electricity supplier industry leader

at present, with the opening of the country’s two child policy, the development of the full swing of the mother and child electricity supplier has ushered in a new wave of momentum. According to the latest 2015 36 krypton start-up company valuation list shows that the top 500 enterprises, 5 are among the highest valuation of the maternal electricity supplier, honey bud was 8 billion 740 million, the lowest value is as high as 1 billion 950 million, in fact, the rise of electricity supplier maternal, but nearly two years of things, and after the 2015 years of fighting, the current electricity supplier maternal pattern has tentative: both the enterprise to become the industry leader in the joy of taste, some enterprises experiencing pain cracking cliff style decline. read more

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Buying a second-hand aircraft to cross-border electricity supplier SF


(Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SF) into e-commerce and offline stores opened the action more dramatic in the past two years, but the domestic private express leader did not relax the pace of expansion in the courier industry.

in the Alibaba, Jingdong of the electricity supplier mall spending huge sums to build its own logistics system when the SF has for the next market growth point of cross-border electricity supplier business network layout and capacity.

extended read more

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Korea are clothes homes three new board pass Huang Xiaoming 5 million investment a year change of 13

July 29th afternoon, Han clothing official micro-blog released information, the starry group has officially obtained the new three board listing letter, will become the first domestic Internet apparel stocks.

it is understood that the Han clothing was founded in 2006, and currently operates 35 brands hatch covers, women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, in the elderly and other outdoor category, involving Europe, East and other styles, is based on a "fast fashion e-commerce enterprise flexible supply chain model. read more

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The Spring Festival dinner to eat what the hottest public comment on big data tell you

7 Day Spring Festival holiday, the country people eat what food? Public comment in map shows, new year’s day, Chinese to eat fish; and the first day of the breakfast, pasta is the most popular; the fifth to welcome the God of wealth, lamb became the people on the table of the fire. Take a look at the public comment is not allowed in the end, the Spring Festival is the most popular dishes on how people appear on the table.

, a new year’s Eve dinner, the fire fish eat

New Year’s Eve dinner, Chinese to eat fish, meaning rich life, more than money. Public comment in map shows that Guangxi is the hottest beer fish, Guizhou people love the most is Fish in Sour Soup, Anhui people on the table the dinner on New Year’s Eve is the most popular pickled fish, the highest in Hebei is Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil. read more

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Windows domain name over competition for the father of the domain name embarrassing

      "twists and turns, after suffering." Yesterday morning at 2, after the successful transfer of his international domain name, Huang ho on the first Financial Daily reporters to describe his feelings. So let Huang Ho said that in order to transfer an international domain name, the domain registrar and he has played in nearly a month of "tug of war".

      engaged in the domain name of Huang He is a freshman in a university in Shanghai, from junior high school began to do the domain name investment. This group of domain name investors known as "corn worm", they may have to register the value of the Internet domain name, and then look for a domain name wait for the right price to sell, buyers bought it at a high price, "corn worm" cash withdrawal. read more

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Five big black white black and white is not overweight electricity supplier had become the norm


after each intern reporter Wu instantaneous

in recent years, enterprises have black white to enter the market, Hisense, Changhong, TCL, SKYWORTH and Konka five domestic manufacturers have been black, all will be out of reach of the "non traditional" white electric products.

August, Konka first proposed smart Home Furnishing strategy includes black and white, and the mobile phone; TCL also announced restructuring ice wash industry, announced its entry into the high-end ice wash areas, and vigorously expand overseas markets; and SKYWORTH in September disclosed that 600 thousand air conditioning units will be sold in 1 years, sales of over 600 million yuan read more

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Amazon China, the new president of the first fire cross-border electricity supplier

[Abstract] can be predicted, China Amazon and Ali will set off a round of PK war, and the two sides in the future how to

Ge Daoyuan (Doug Gurr)

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on November 26th

recently, the cross-border electricity supplier become Ali, Jingdong and and other major electricity supplier collective force field, the Amazon China is not far behind, the new president Ge Daoyuan (Doug Gurr) after he took office the first fire burning is the cross-border electricity supplier. read more

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College students online shop to earn more than 6000 yuan monthly

newspaper news (reporter Yu Haibo) now is the students around, looking for a job but tusya but don’t try so hard, because she had found a small and medium-sized enterprise for small boss "shop" part-time work on the Internet, and foreigners with their own good English knowledge and online communication to do foreign trade business sometimes, you can earn 6000 yuan a month.

"my job is to hang up on the Internet at any time, to introduce our products to buyers, prices, and then shipped." Tusya told reporters, she accidentally discovered his hometown have a lot of small and medium enterprises or family workshops, they produce a towel, bath towel, tea, handmade flower and other products actually are of good quality, the price is cheap, is to find the market, especially since the financial crisis, some enterprises want to reduce labor costs, then dismissed some of the sales staff, want to learn a big enterprise that the Internet to find a market in the world. However, although some small business owners will do, but do not understand the network, do not understand english. However, tusya was delighted, "I will get to the Internet, also understand English, just to meet the boss needs, so the first job was at hand, for a towel production enterprises in the" online store "." read more

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Taohuawu to carry out the second phase of free Durex released a list of the first prize activities

[Durex] Taohuawu free to send second free Durex activities started! WeChat reply "ultra-thin zero distance" will have a chance to get free Durex! Also shipping Oh! And released the list of the first lucky winning

!The activities of

products such as below: ten times (with Durex slim slip value of over 100 yuan)

this event does not require you to dig a penny, as long as you participate in

!There are two ways to focus on

: method to open WeChat, add friends, enter the Taohuawu mall, click on the attention. Methods scan the two-dimensional code below, you can focus on. read more

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Beijing Yuantong express air cargo business investigation is not affected

Following the

Aviation Association of Shanghai Yuantong express out against the biggest ticket air after the China Aviation Association said yesterday, today will be in the air transport agent industry safety rectification, for a period of two months during which will suspend air transport agency qualification certification. Aviation Association said that the ticket is only for Shanghai Yuantong, Beijing and other provinces are not affected by tact.

prohibited items mistakenly on the plane

on the evening of October 22nd, China Southern Airlines flight CZ6524 landed in Dalian airport after the incident of cargo combustion. East China Civil Aviation Bureau survey found, in the ticket goods, there are two cases of actual goods shipper Shanghai Yuantong Day Day Express Ltd, goods are 1 pieces of lithium ion battery with lithium battery and mobile phone 1. read more

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To talk about several aspects of Tmall fierce tiger

although the appearance is a cat, but in fact he is a wolf in the tiger cat. It has the momentum of the tiger, the size of the transaction for all to see. It has a tiger caught, a search engine, Alipay, Amoy network payment instruments micro-blog and sina will promote social tools rookie logistics company. Of course, he and tiger nirvana – penises. This is the eleven double tiger resorted shazhao. Tmall, not just a platform for electricity providers, around Tmall, a variety of resources to reconfigure. Capital flow, logistics and information flow, re paibingbuzhen. It is always unwilling to account for the king of the mountain tiger, he also wants to expand the world down. That’s what we need to think about today: what are the effects of Tmall on the real economy? read more

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nternet 10 most effective profit model

in all the innovation, business model innovation is the most original innovation. Leave the business model, other management innovation, technological innovation has lost the possibility of sustainable development and profitability of the foundation. In order to help Chinese enterprises in the shortest possible time to understand the current business model of China’s most influential business, we have chosen 10 kinds of business models. The selection criteria are: 1, with the help of new technology and the integration of new resources; 2, opening up new profit model; 3, model is sustainable, with good results; 4, inspired mode to other industries is very good, and imitation and innovation drive the industry.   read more

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in 2012 did not complete the annual goal and facing the "electric Qixiong hegemony" competition under pressure, is brewing a new round of restructuring.

Market Management Center Deputy Director Min Juanqing told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the group structure adjusted annually according to the business planning and development strategy, specific optimization scheme is expected to be gradually implemented and released after the spring festival. read more

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Melon used car shock in the final analysis is because too many factions

looks like a football team, like a dark horse in football. A football team, both veteran team members need, but also need to have a warm and fighting young players, if the new and old players do not coordinate well, there will be fighting, causing fatal damage to the team.

according to the people broke the news, melon seeds used car is experiencing its largest ever since the establishment of a personnel shock. Dark horse brother multi direction industry inquiry, confirmed the news.

first look at the melon seeds used car officially announced organizational structure: read more

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Ali open cross-border electricity supplier data will be 11 direct overseas goods

NetEase Francisco October 30th news, today, Alibaba (NYSE:BABA)’s retail platform Tmall announced that this year’s double 11 shopping Carnival will expand to the world, globalization has become the first "double 11". Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong said that in recent years, China consumer demand for foreign goods more and more intense, Tmall launched in February this year, for domestic users, access to the famous retail brand from the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, to meet the growing in recent years, the sea Amoy demand. At the same time, overseas consumers and businesses can also enjoy better service through Alibaba platform. read more