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With their own factors making website optimization process

(1) describe their products and service characteristics of

in site construction most early, we need to make the perfect plan for their own business development and later expanded, as we are all familiar with Amazon, in fact it is from the initial site began to sell books, and now is an online shopping platform on the Internet to sell every kind of relatively large. The product, however the internal structure change and the marketing strategy of a website so completely, with no small trouble in website optimization and the late development is, so make the optimization process right is very important. read more

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Why Shanghai Longfeng medical industry site optimization difficult times

for the medical website of Shanghai dragon Er, May 1 years this heart is more or less by some stimuli. Love Shanghai for the medical industry site rectification accident. For the end of an old era, how should we face the future of the medical industry site optimization, today able to perform wonders here and to share feelings. About.

in Harbin the whole medical industry site, which did not cheat Shanghai dragon marks? What real people-oriented to the construction site? In other words Harbin medical industry site is not for their patient service platform, but to attract customers to the hospital consumer channel. Do not believe you just point to open a Harbin medical industry website it is not difficult to find, the site of the first purpose is not to let you solve the problem through this website, but can not wait to let you communicate with the so-called experts or contact customer service, they are forced to wait to call you to go to the hospital. This is what they do to Shanghai dragon. This is the old routine, in in reality, such as " " plot; often staged. Such as a hospital to carry out public projects such as " " some so-called medical card, above a lot of free Physical examination, of course, some people will go to the results for gospel truth, the hospital was found, and there is no free lunch (you know). It is a very good opportunity to build trust with patients, but not exposed in the implementation of " the greedy nature of " this is also and I. According to the reality of itself from the patient said, perhaps fees may be more conducive to the health of patients, but the lack of trust in the moment the whole medical industry, how can you get away with read more

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Excellence Site Shanghai Longfeng homepage is not the first to analyze and solve

2, search engine cheating leads to


4, Shanghai

is a busy time ago, for a long time did not bring good articles to you, hope to share SITE excellence in Shanghai dragon today homepage is not the first solution can give you an actual help. I wrote after his own personal experience, combined with the actual operation to write recovery. I hope you can push me!! good nonsense not to say the following into the subject.

is a problem because the September server, all the data is lost, had said in the article under the foreign IDC, data backup, server hard disk bad data lost users take full responsibility. Two is because the server data loss due to nothing had led to this website. SITE domain name is not the first case. The ranking from the original second up to page N. read more

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How can we avoid the spider trap

1: the session ID

4: dynamic URL

2: common spider trap, the compulsory registration or login to access the page

is this to the spider is quite difficult, because the spider can not be submitted for registration to enter a user name and password to view content to the spider we click to view the content but also can see the contents of the spider.

3: love using flash site

Shanghai dragon should know that the site was included in the search engine is the key, if it is not included in the search engine of your site, then the Shanghai dragon is impossible. So in order to site could be found in the search engine and web search engine can be properly included, then we must first make your site easy to spider crawling. The search engine web crawling tool called a spider or crawler robot, English name robot. read more

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Nine Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station several points do Links the

After the

2. code to deceive, some people want to create a search engine others are one-way links to their own web site outside the chain of illusion, tell the search engine of the website is invalid, saw his friend chain on the other side of the site. Why is not transmit weight. To exchange with a special tool to check Links to know whether this chain is effective. If it is invalid, don’t hesitate. Directly to each other. Remember that next time he is not exchange.

I suggest to Links exchange platform. A popular Links exchange platform, usually has a lot of people in the above activities. Of course, the choice of the range is very wide. On these platforms, you can search relevant keywords in your industry, select the appropriate PR. Then click on the above communication exchange. This is the exchange transaction probability is usually much higher than ordinary chain exchange. If better exchange links, you can also buy the industry in the relevant platform outside the chain of high quality, there is also a lot easier than Taobao. Before and everyone else to exchange friend chain added many qq group. The results did not change to a few decent friends of the chain, but also by those sparkling picture bother to death. Do anything to pay attention to efficiency, friendly chain exchange, the same. read more

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How to write a nofollow label The correct wording nofollow

then we should write this:

As for the The website URL

here is the specific path, full page specific such as: 贵族宝贝signin.php

nofollow is in the a tag inside, and after the website

so, after we do the Links and internal links, we will analyze the whole which links are to be added on the nofollow label, need to pay attention, but also to ensure that we get the friends of the chain have been each other with nofollow tags, of course, for the friends of the chain by the other privately with nofollow tags this kind of behavior, the lack of occupation morality, such a deal is unlikely to last long, do business, we will be in good faith, honest. read more

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Enhance the recommendation type chain in Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

third RSS is recommended, this user subscription is directed to the search engine, which belongs to the user oriented recommendation is easy to search engine that is the real evaluation. There are a lot of celebrity blog is very high in the search engine is an important basis for the weights of the subscription are very much.

fourth is the real high quality articles have been reproduced by search engine that is a symbol of authority, to be efficient by more times then reproduced, reproduced, indicating the importance of the article, so many search engines will be reproduced as the recommended form of real value, even if not connected, will be the search engine that is the weight of imported high-end. read more

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Effect of site traffic of the three factors of the two is what you see

want to talk about third points on the weight, you know love Shanghai has a click on the principle, also is your website by clicking on the more and more small bounce rate under the condition of your site is a good site. Ranking will be Heng Qiang strong, if your website ranking is very good quality, basic quality than competitors, but you are describing no competition to attract click well, then the user did not have the opportunity to come to your website. Your site can only be sunk without the light of day, the day is also very difficult to say beyond the competitors. In fact, this is a point to improve the website website traffic sources three most likely, one point is the most realistic, it is not included you. read more

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Four important factors on the influence of the rankings

is also reflected in the search engine, we search the web when used mostly with love of Shanghai, why love Shanghai, because we fell in love with the sea is very easy to find we want to search for, other search engines will be very troublesome, sometimes also can not find, this is a manifestation of love Shanghai technical genius, love Shanghai is relying on this factor occupied most of the domestic market, so the webmaster do we have to do is content of highly relevant keywords, and provide or highly, so the user experience will go up, love is such a love Shanghai station, so your site’s ranking will not only go, but also very stable. read more

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Do not pay attention to the bidding enterprises of Shanghai dragon finally found the reason

the most basic reason for enterprises to pay attention to the Internet we don’t know how to spend money, what do you good. From the station has no matter what (a lot of enterprise website built after several years without any changes), in the process of marketing is to spend money just fine. Most companies do not know Shanghai Longfeng optimization of this argument, do not know what the natural ranking naturally thought of Shanghai longfeng.

for the increasingly high cost is the crux of the problem, many enterprises at the cost of the bid is more and more high, but the final performance is not reached the ideal state. Every year or every month at the cost of the bid, the effect is not up to, heard that Shanghai dragon optimization it, wondering whether they should do so in Shanghai dragon read more