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How to build a high quality pseudo original and high quality of the chain

2.3 "difference,

reproduced and collection, the diversion of high-quality original site traffic, no longer belongs to the original author’s name out, will directly affect the quality of the original owners and the author proceeds. The enthusiasm of the long term will affect the original, is not conducive to innovation, quality content is not conducive to the creation of new. Encourage high-quality original, encourage innovation, to the original site and author of reasonable flow, so as to promote the prosperity of Internet content, it is an important task of search engine. read more

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Keywords optimization novice how to do business in Shanghai dragon Er website


, analysis of the main competitors of

analysis of the web site:

small sugar I short and close the main target for the enterprise website >


3, external links, the chain quantity and quality, Links, station links. According to the analysis of these aspects, do their own website solution.

enterprise website, the most key is the name of some main products or products of a different name, how to put some words as target words all enterprise website to implement it is certainly not the very time consuming and energy, so be sure to do keyword analysis, determine the enterprise website target keywords and the long tail keywords, choose keywords to distinguish target keywords or long tail keywords, this selection is mainly based on the user’s search intention based, to think of what the customer search in Shanghai. Keywords analysis of enterprise website optimization is the most important step, be sure to make analysis. read more

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The site assessment period of Shanghai dragon Er hold no venga

many owners in the construction site early because did not withstand the test of Shanghai and give up love, originally intends to destroy the ash cloud, not wasted time, wasted time. Today and share, the international wine merchants from Shanghai included only a love home, it included 5250, love Shanghai weight rose from 1 to 3, the process of how we spent

to do a good job, but we also have to take some time to observe the enemy of our phenomenon, here we take measures is to observe the search engine spiders on the dynamic website, as shown below: read more

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The Shanghai Dragon Construction Network website construction

so, do network structure website what

Shanghai Longfeng site planning, the work is how to use the link text description, reasonable navigation, let all the web pages can link together. The general standard of the site will build a ring structure, can into the point can also return to the home page. But this is only a qualified Shanghai Longfeng site planning, but it is not a mature production site. Mature sites are designed in cobwebs, the use of limited resources, multi angle infinite loop. Some sites even can use the text in the article, put all the pages together. How to see a Shanghai Longfeng planning website is bad, it depends on the site of the spider web much, secret is not secret. Some Shanghai dragon spider web layout master why let you see the dazzling, but he is definitely not in the random arrangement, if you look carefully, you will see him regularly, but a variety of rules and together, in the eyes of ordinary people, has become a pile of hemp. read more

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Love Shanghai algorithm adjusted the details of the home should make our attention

as everyone knows, the importance in the optimization of the web page, either title page or home page keyword density, to the anchor point and update area, and Links, is the priority among priorities we optimize, in Shanghai optimization, optimization of the home page and I think to go beyond the optimization of nobility baby, love Shanghai recently in the adjustment, a lot of Shanghai dragon were punished, should not say is punishment, should be adjusted, after all, a lot of Shanghai dragon indeed using the technique of cheating, but most of the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai still follow the original and the degree of customer experience, but also has been done, in the recent adjustment to I found the importance of home page optimization, a while ago I wrote a love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the solution, published in the A5, everyone’s attention is very good, One day hundreds of hits, we can see the importance of love Shanghai, can show that this adjustment is a very wide range, many friends say what included reducing page down the right, ranking drop, my station has not escaped the adjustment, but I know why I escaped from the adjustment of the lottery and the decline in ranking hungry. read more

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How to reduce the invalid URL crawling and indexing without perfect solution

cloud morning students watch an old head on young shoulders (topic: is a good thing, an old head on young shoulders. I am more than 20 years old when people say I like 40 years old, I was more than 40 years old when a lot of people say I like more than 30 men, 20 to 50 years old can do a basic way) posted a post: see the domestic first-line B2C website problems through Jingdong Shanghai Longfeng mall. At first the post and then come back to see this post, it is not easy to understand under what to say. read more

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How to write an article on the nternet related technology platform contribute the chain

now this series of chain construction method, basically meaningless, both love Shanghai search engine or 360 search engines now can filter the low quality of the chain, the low quality of the chain will not be included in the weight of.

Shanghai Longfeng staff said now the chain is useless, at that time in Shanghai Longfeng circle for the construction of the chain in the view of Yang Zi’s Public opinions are divergent., they said that the construction of the chain chain is useless even at a loss what to do, this is due to the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm for some low quality chain, low quality soft outside the chain of the chain and some cheating crackdown to. read more

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Love the sea friendly decryption how to make love Shanghai love your site

above sea level: friendly love:

so you webmaster will ask, what is the love of Shanghai communication rules in

this period, I will let you broke the first time how to love Shanghai love your site

2, try to avoid flash

5, the site within the chain, the chain construction of the pursuit of high quality, complete and concise.



do you all in the Shanghai dragon, must have a sense of this, do stand must be search engine friendly, especially in the China! As a personal webmaster, must love Shanghai! Receiving such love Shanghai can give you surprise. read more

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Website optimization needs is the days and months multiplying experience

website optimization is not only based on the design of software can do, really want to do website optimization quality, is combined with the needs of many functions. Therefore, the website optimization and is not so simple. The author of the site optimization, has a very rich experience, it is because these days and months multiplying experience, which has a special website optimization idea. The following is the author based on years of experience, the process of website optimization idea to organize. read more