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What is sitemap.xml

sitemap.xml files can be written manually, can be automatically generated by the software, such as the small reptiles online generation tool.

to Yahoo: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝 YAHOO filed with the noble baby

Shanghai does not currently support

special chain optimization:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked ?The

is currently only the noble baby, Yahoo!, MSN support sitemap.xml submission.

Sitemaps protocol allows the site to inform the search site for grab the engine in the site, in order to facilitate the search engine more convenient nobility baby crawling the web. Sitemap.xml is to abide by the agreement contains all links to a website in XML format. read more

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Google released a local search results, dove algorithm update 1

July 25th, Google released an update for the important algorithm of local search, in order to provide more relevant and more accurate local search results. In this algorithm, the official Google currently does not give a formal name, but SearchEngineLand called the dove algorithm update (Pigeon Update).

search results What is the Google

dove update

dove update algorithm name


for this algorithm to update the current has not given an official name, do not know the name for Google internal algorithm. This is the dove algorithm named SearchEngineLand. Why choose the name "Dove" mainly for the emphasis on "local search", because dove is generally only in the "home" around to fly, even far from home, also want to fly back. In addition, the title of dove and Google before the "zoo" type algorithm consistent naming mechanism. However, we cannot determine the official Google will not use this name. Because the last panda update was originally called "farmer SearchEngineLand update", but later Google officially named panda update. read more