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Stantec reveals construction firm sold for lowerthanexpected 1026 million

first_imgCanadian engineering-design firm Stantec Inc. says it will record a non-cash goodwill expense of $53 million and account for an $8.7-million deferred tax charge on the sale of its construction services business.The Edmonton-based company revealed Thursday the sale announced in October and closed last week of MWH Constructors resulted in gross proceeds of $102.6 million, less transaction costs and working capital adjustments of $57 million.That’s far less than an estimate by an RBC analyst that the sale to funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., of Los Angeles would bring in between $250 million and $350 million.Stantec says it will also still be responsible for closing out a remaining waste-to-energy project in the United Kingdom and will retain certain U.K. defined benefit pension funding obligations.The construction company, which focuses mainly on water and wastewater projects in the United States and the United Kingdom, was included in Stantec’s $1-billion purchase of Colorado-based engineering, consulting and construction firm MWH Global, Inc., in 2016.The purchase also included water software business, Innovyze, Inc., which Stantec sold for $359 million in 2017.last_img read more

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Saskatchewan entrepreneurs 3D Peachy Printer racks up 400000 on Kickstarter

A Saskatchewan-based entrepreneur is quickly becoming a Kickstarter celebrity with his pitch to build a $100 3D printer.[np_storybar title=”Kickstarter opens doors in Canada to make project funding easier” link=””%5DWhen it comes to looking for investment, Canadian inventors and entrepreneurs often think of pitching to the Dragons’ Den panel or to a boardroom of investors as the only options for raising money. Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has changed that in the United States, proving that asking for investment from the Average Joe is a viable way to take a project from idea to reality.Continue reading. [/np_storybar]On Friday, Rylan Grayston, 28, of Yorkton, Sask., posted his plea for $50,000 to help manufacture his so-called Peachy Printer, which would be not only inexpensive but easy to use. It would also be designed to work as a 3D scanner.Grayston said the money would help improve the printer’s prototype, enhance its software, and would facilitate a bigger production run to get the price down to the $100 mark.His pitch clearly connected with the crowdfunding community at Kickstarter.He reached his $50,000 goal in a little over a day and has since signed on more than 3,000 backers who have pledged more than $400,000 in funding.And he still has three and a half weeks to recruit more supporters.Grayston said he was pushed to build his own 3D printer because he couldn’t afford the $3,500 price tag for the model he wanted. He then set out to make it as cheap as possible.“I had read in some forums somebody had said, ’When the technology gets cheaper one day it’ll be only $100,’ and a whole bunch of people then argued that would never happen,” he said.“It took me an entire year of building printers and throwing them in the garbage when I realized there was a better way to do it. I’ve thrown away a lot of printers.”Grayston admits his printer isn’t a finished product yet and needs some work before it’s ready to ship out to 3D printing enthusiasts. But he’s confident the Peachy Printer will get there and can even outperform other 3D printers that sell for thousands of dollars.“There’s still a bit of trial and error in getting this printer to work but I have 100% confidence that it will work flawlessly, I know exactly what needs to be done,” he said.“I need the funding to pay engineers that know exactly what they’re doing and can get this thing down to a science.”Grayston is guessing the project could raise more than $3-million based on the current rate of pledges and is trying to reassure supporters that he can handle the unexpected influx of orders.“I think the larger this thing goes the more I’ll be able to delegate tasks to the proper people who are experts,” he said.“It would basically put the project in a much better situation.”See the Peachy Printer Kickstarter page: Canadian Press read more

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CMAG to discuss Sri Lanka

CMAG is currently chaired by Bangladesh, which informed the Ministry of External Affairs and Minister G.L. Peiris that a special meeting would be held on Sri Lanka this week. The timing of the electronic meeting is believed to be aimed at reviewing Sri Lanka’s position following the likely adoption of a second UNHRC resolution against the country. The resolution to promote reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka is co-sponsored by 32 countries and authored by the US. Sri Lanka has decided it will seek a vote on the resolution following the debate on the final draft at the Council.CMAG comprises nine Commonwealth member states, that currently includes Bangladesh, Australia Canada, Jamaica, Maldives (suspended), Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago and Vanuatu. CMAG is mandated to assess “serious or persistent violations” of the Commonwealth’s fundamental political values. The Group meets on an annual schedule but can be convened by the Secretary-General or may meet in extraordinary session when deemed necessary.Sri Lanka has faced challenges about its suitability to host the prestigious CHOGM 2013 because it is currently under international scrutiny over its human rights record. Canada is pushing for a boycott of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo in November this year and hopes to lobby the rest of CMAG to include Sri Lanka in the agenda of its April meet. Sri Lanka will feature prominently in an extraordinary meeting of a powerful grouping of Commonwealth nations with the muscle to suspend and expel Commonwealth member states from the organization, following a vote on a US backed resolution against Colombo that will be taken at the UN Human Rights Council’s 22nd Session.The Daily FT newspaper reported that the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) will hold an extraordinary meeting via teleconference, at the urging of Canada and another CMAG member state, ahead of a scheduled meeting of the Group in April. The Government in Colombo was informed by the Bangladeshi Government that Canada and at least one other CMAG member state was pushing for the extraordinary meeting.Daily FT reported that notice on the CMAG meeting prompted Minister Peiris to undertake another visit to Dhaka last week. The Government is also attempting to lobby other countries in the CMAG to garner support against being listed as an agenda item when the Group meets again in April. read more

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Settlement calls for 100 million fund for victims of nationwide meningitis outbreak

BOSTON – A settlement filed with a federal bankruptcy judge would create a fund of more than $100 million to compensate victims of a nationwide meningitis outbreak linked to a Massachusetts pharmacy, lawyers said Tuesday.The outbreak, blamed on a tainted steroid produced by the New England Compounding Center, sickened more than 750 people in 20 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said; 64 people died. The company surrendered its license after the 2012 outbreak, which hit Michigan, Tennessee and Indiana the hardest, and later filed for bankruptcy.The settlement, which must be approved by Judge Henry Boroff, was reached between the owners of the company and court-appointed bankruptcy trustee Paul Moore. It calls for the company’s owners to pay $50 million into the fund, with its insurers contributing another $25 million.The agreement would allow the owners to seek $20 million in tax refunds, which also would be contributed to the fund, along with the proceeds of the proposed sale of an affiliated company, Ameridose, bringing the total of the fund to more than $100 million.Attorney Thomas Sobol, representing victims who sued the Framingham-based compounding pharmacy, said the settlement is “another important step in a frustratingly long process to get fair compensation to hundreds of victims of the meningitis outbreak.”Sobol said he hoped the court would approve the plan by the end of the year, with distributions to victims beginning in early 2015.“There was unimaginable human death and suffering that cannot be compensated for in money no matter how much it would be,” he added.The money would be distributed among families of those who died, those who sustained serious injuries after being injected with the steroid and other creditors. The victims developed fungal meningitis, an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord, or other infections.The settlement was filed nearly five months after lawyers reached an agreement in principal.Moore said the objective of the negotiations was to resolve claims against the company without lengthy court proceedings, and he praised shareholders for their commitment to reaching a settlement that would benefit victims.A group of shareholders, in a statement, acknowledged that no amount of money could adequately compensate the families.“This will bring hope to the lives of so many victims who lost loved ones and those who still are suffering the consequences from this horrible disaster,” said Anne Andrews, a California attorney who served as co-chair of a committee representing unsecured creditors of the company.No criminal charges have been lodged in the case. The company’s owners have denied wrongdoing or liability. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Bob Salsberg, The Associated Press Posted May 6, 2014 4:46 pm MDT Settlement calls for $100 million fund for victims of nationwide meningitis outbreak read more

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Security Council approves proposed structure and size of UN Mission in Colombia

The United Nations Security Council today approved the Secretary-General’s recommendations regarding the size, operational aspects and mandate of the UN Mission in Colombia, including the deployment of 450 unarmed observers and the establishment of operation in 40 locations.The action – reflected in its unanimous adoption of resolution 2307 at a meeting on Tuesday morning – follows the adoption of an earlier resolution that established the UN political mission, as well as the agreements between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), including the 23 June pact on a ceasefire and the peace accord reached on 24 August to end the 50-year conflict.In the resolution today, the Council said it “welcomes the Secretary-General’s report S/2016/729 and approves the recommendations therein regarding the size, operational aspects and mandate of the Mission.”In the report, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended 40 observers at the national level, 90 observers at the regional level and 320 observers at the local level, for a total of 450 observers. This was in addition to a number of civilians who will be deployed in the transitional local zones and other locations. Mr. Ban recommended that the UN Mission operate in 40 widely dispersed locations: a national headquarters, eight regional headquarters and the 23 transitional local zones for normalization and eight transitional local points for normalization established under the ceasefire agreement.The UN chief also recommended that “the Mission share with the Government the cost of activating and operating the mechanism, exclusive of government-provided security costs, in proportion to the number of United Nations observers and staff relative to the total number of mechanism personnel.” A mission planning team during its first regional visit in the country. Photo: UN Mission in Colombia The UN Mission in Colombia, headed by the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, Jean Arnault, was established through the Security Council resolution 2261, adopted in January 2016. The Mission is mandated to provide unarmed international observers to monitor and verify the laying down of arms, and be part of the tripartite mechanism that will monitor and verify the definitive bilateral ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, following the signing of a peace agreement. According to the Mission, it will be deployed in three phases. The first phase aims to establish the UN Mission’s headquarters in Bogotá and assess conditions at the eight locations, where the UN Mission will have its regional offices. The second phase will focus on getting the Mission ready to operate at the local level along with representatives of the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP, and the third phase will include the deployment of all UN observers, and the full operationalization of the tripartite mechanism for monitoring and verification.Colombia’s steps towards peace are the culmination of various efforts. Since 2012, the parties had been in talks hosted in Cuba. Throughout the discussions, negotiators reached agreement on key issues such as political participation, land rights, illicit drugs and victims’ rights and transitional justice.In June, Secretary-General Ban travelled to Havana, where he witnessed the bilateral signing of a ceasefire and the laying down of arms and noted that the “peace process validates the perseverance of all those around the world who work to end violent conflict not through the destruction of the adversary, but through the patient search for compromise.” read more

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14 signs that payday cant come soon enough

first_imgIF YOU GET paid monthly chances are you can’t remember the last time some delicious cash trickled into your account.You probably to have a faint memory of thinking that your boss was really sound paying you a week early in December, so that you’d have plenty of precious European dollars for Christmas.Doesn’t seem like such a good idea now though, does it?Here are the signs that payday can’t come soon enough…1. Your lunches are creative interpretations of whatever’s languishing in your pressesOxtail Cup-A-Soup with a side of tinned lentils and some questionable cream crackers anyone? Source: Shutterstock.com2. Your dinners, meanwhile, are salvaged from whatever’s at the back of the freezer Source: Dan4th/Flickr3. You’ve got serious cabin feverIf questioned, you can list who’s been on the Late Late, The Graham Norton Show and Jonathan Ross for the past three weeks, without hesitation. Source: Shutterstock.com4. You’ve turned around and gone back home to get a plastic bag, rather than pay for one in LidlTesco and Marks and Spencer (aka the Holy Grail of food shopping) are but a pipe dream at this stage.5. You’ve made more trips than usual home to see The MammyAnd you’ve left clutching sausages, bread and two rolls of toilet roll under your oxter.6. You’ve started trying to outdo your friends in terms of brokenessI’m €300 into my overdraft. Oh, I’m way past that. I only have €4 to my name for the next 17 days. Source: ImgurYou’re gonna… stop adding water to that bottle of Fairy Liquid, and buy a new one instead. Source: GifsoupYou’re gonna… pay to go to the doctor about that worrying rash. Source: ImgurYou’re gonna… buy toilet roll that’s higher than one ply. Source: Imgur10. You’ve been frantically ringing service providers to chance your arm on reductions on your TV/Internet/phone packagesSomeone you know knows someone’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin who, like, gets their telly for free after ringing up. Source: Shutterstock.com11. Home improvements have taken a back seat Source: Imgur12. You’re already dreading checking your bank balance the day after paydayYou’ve been riding Mr Overdraft’s coattails and playing Chase the Laser, haven’t you?That happy, rich feeling will be lovely, but fleeting. Source: Jemblog13. You’ve been having direct debit nightmaresJust think of all those evil bills waiting to suck your bank account dry the second the delicious cash flows into it.Remember that phone insurance payment you’d forgotten about? That Spotify membership that once seemed like such a good idea? Source: Loloudly14. You’ve allowed yourself to get recklessSure feck it, we’ll go out for a drink. No, come on, we will, sure it’s nearly payday. Source: Imgur7. You’ve thought about selling some of your stuff8. You’ve considered drinking that bottle of mystery alcohol someone brought back from holidays Source: Wikimedia Commons9. You’ve been having ridiculous swag dreams about what you’re going to do with all that money.You’re gonna…. go to the cinema and not smuggle in your own Maltesers and popcorn. Source: @SpencerMatthewsRead: Here’s the story of your emotions on payday>16 reasons to hate doing the ‘big shop’> Source: FanpopSHOTS FOR EVERYONE! I’LL PUT IT ON MY CARD!last_img read more

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Dead Island on Steam is a dev build that should never have

first_imgTechland, developer of the highly anticipated Dead Island zombie game, seems to have made a rather large mistake with the PC version of the game. Dead Island is now available to purchase and download on Steam for U.S. gamers, but the build you get to play is clearly not what Techland or publisher Deep Silver intended.The Steam forums are filling up with complaints about this being an internal development build, unoptimized, ported code from the Xbox 360 version, and with access to developer only options such as turning on all the cheats, getting rid of logos, and developer keys. In other words, if you know how, you can run through walls, be immune to damage, and treat the game like a giant sandbox if you so wish.Techland is investigating the issue, but it looks like someone mistakenly uploaded the wrong build to Steam’s severs and nobody bothered to check it worked or was correct. Now, hundreds, if not thousands of PC gamers have the wrong copy of the game on their machines.As it’s Steam, I can’t see this being hard to fix. However, gamers may be a little upset if they end up having to re-download the entire game the next time an update is released, but at least then you won’t be playing a poor Xbox 360 port.There’s no official word yet on exactly what happened from Techland or Deep Silver, but I’m sure they’ll release a statement before the end of the day, and hopefully the correct version to Steam as soon as pssoble.Read more at Eurogamer and Rock, Paper Shotgunlast_img read more

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3DS Circle Pad Pro arrives in US on February 7 for 20

first_imgIt’s bulky, has a 480 hour battery life, and looks to be essential for playing a number of games as they were intended by the developers. We’re talking about the 3DS second thumbstick peripheral, which now has an official name, U.S. release date, and price.The 3DS Circle Pad Pro as it shall now be called, has just gone on sale in Japan, but won’t reach Western shores until next year. On February 7 you’ll be able to pick one up for $19.99–$10 more than I thought it was going to be.Unfortunately, shopping around for a better price isn’t going to be possible. Nintendo has struck a deal with GameStop making it the only place you can buy it from. So unless they do some bundle deals with a game, you’re going to have to find $20 for this attachment.That relatively small investment is worth it depending on the type of games you play. It’s already been confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, Resident Evil: Revelations, and Monster Hunter 3G will take advantage of it. Other games are sure to follow, but I doubt Nintendo could ever insist on using the peripheral.In Japan the Circle Pad Pro is being bundled with Monster Hunter. Europe is set to get a bundle with Revelations. The U.S. doesn’t seem to have a bundle announced just yet, but maybe that has something to do with GameStop wanting to sell it exclusively and separately from a game.The next question has to be: will we be getting a 3DS version 2 with the second stick included as standard? I doubt it, or at least I doubt it for 2012. After that, Nintendo may feel they can re-launch the hardware in updated form.via Joystiq and All Games Betalast_img read more

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Watch Bohemian Rhapsody Full Trailer For Queen Biopic

first_imgNews Email Twitter Facebook Watch: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen Biopic Trailer watch-bohemian-rhapsody-full-trailer-queen-biopic Watch: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Full Trailer For Queen Biopic The film also went through a lineup change as director Bryan Singer was replaced by Dexter Fletcher back in December 2017 after an unexpected pause in filming due to Singer’s health issues.Just yesterday, on May 14, a 10-second teaser for the trailer was released, providing a glimpse at a scene from Queen’s legendary Live Aid set in 1985. Bohemian Rhapsody is slated to hit theatres on Nov. 2.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Take a sneak peek at the story behind Freddie Mercury and Queen in one of the most anticipated music films of the yearNate HertweckGRAMMYs May 15, 2018 – 7:13 am The official trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody is finally here, providing the deepest look yet into the Queen biopic that’s been mounting anticipation since last year. The stunning footage in the 90-second the trailer shows the band onstage, backstage, in the studio, at the press conference table, and in record label meetings, promising a depiction of Queen’s career that has yet to be tackled on film. The music used in the trailer is a mash-up of some of Queen’s biggest hits, weaving in pieces of “Another One Bites The Dust,” “We Will Rock You,” and, of course, the film’s title track.In Bohemian Rhapsody, actor Rami Malek, star of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot,” plays Queen’s late frontman Freddie Mercury. On Sept. 5, 2017, the very first picture of Malek as Mercury was released on what would have been the music icon’s 71st birthday. Malek has since expressed some anxiety around taking on the role of such an iconic musician. “This could be a career-defining performance,” he said, “and then two minutes later I thought, ‘This could be a career killer.'” last_img read more

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Realme X price specs revealed ahead of May 15 launch

first_imgAfter number of rumours and leaks, the Oppo’s subsidiary, Realme has confirmed that the company will launch the Realme X on May 15 at an event in Beijing. Along with Realme X, the company is also going to launch Realme X Youth Edition, which is also known as Realme 3 Pro. With these devices, Realme is going to foray into Chinese market.The company took Weibo to announce that the Realme X will come with a 91.2% screen-to-body ratio and come with a pop-up selfie sensor. It is widely expected that both phones will come to India soon after China launch. The company also confirms that the phone will sport an AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint scanner powered by DSP acceleration technology. However, Realme has not divulged any information regarding the launch of Realme X Youth Edition, which was spotted alongside the Realme X on TENAA recently. Realme XWeiboExpected specification As per leaks, the Realme X could feature a 6.5-inch display with no notch on top, which will likely come with Full HD+ resolution, similar to the Realme 3 Pro. The display could reportedly come with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 730 SoC paired with up to 8GB RAM.In terms of optics, the Realme X is likely to feature a 48-megapixel rear camera kept company with a 5-megapixel depth camera. If rumours are to be believed, then the phone will get VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology. Oppo R17 Pro SuperVOOCIBTimes India/Sami KhanRealme will come to market with three variants of the Realme X – the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant with a price tag of CNY 1,599 (roughly Rs. 16,500), the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage variant and the top-end 8GB RAM + 128GB storage version. Another phone which is said to be in the pipeline is Realme X Pro, which will be powered by Snapdragon 855.It will be interesting to see Realme’s new smartphones take on rivals such as OnePlus and Xiaomi in the home market. Stay tuned for updates. What makes Oppo F9 Pro the safest smartphone? Closelast_img read more

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Marilyn Monroe the Bookworm who Fantasized about Sleeping with Albert Einstein

first_imgThe name Marilyn Monroe drifts by in a fog of legend. Her life has become virtually mythical. Something to be written down in epic sagas passed down to future generations of pop culture prophets. The platinum blonde hair, seductive eyebrows, white dress blowing above her thighs, alluring voice, famous lovers, and tragic death. One thing that usually doesn’t come to mind is the image of a bookworm, lost in a story, fantasizing about intellectual pursuits and intellectual partners. But that is exactly what Marilyn Monroe was. A book geek, a well-read individual, an admirer of intelligence. Someone who enjoyed being photographed with a book in hand.Marilyn Monroe.Monroe had a surprisingly large personal library of 437 works, all in the original bindings, several first editions, most of them covered in her notes and scribbles. She read everywhere. When one of her directors once found her on set reading Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, he inquired how she chose that particular title.She replied, “On nights when I’ve got nothing else to do, I go to the Pickwick bookstore on Hollywood Boulevard and just open books at random—when I come to a page or a paragraph I like, I buy that book. So last night I bought this one. Is that wrong?”Actress Marilyn Monroe reads the book ‘To the Actor: On the Technique of Acting’ by Michael Chekhov in a quiet moment at the Ambassador Hotel in March 1955 in New York City, New York. (Photo by Ed Feingersh/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)The subjects in her library were wide-ranging and diverse. Everything from Classic Literature, Art, Drama, Biography, Poetry, Politics, History, Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology. Marilyn’s thirst for knowledge seemed to be unquenchable. Three of her prized First Editions included On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man and William Styron’s This House on Fire.Iconic Quotes from Marilyn MonroeHer bookshelf was filled with classics, from Twain to Tolstoy. From The Great Gatsby to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, from James Joyce’s Dubliners to Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. She also had a soft spot for the French existentialist Albert Camus.Besides these heavyweights of literature her collection also contained books on gardening, her personal Bibles, and children’s books, including her own copy of The Little Engine That Could, marked heavily with her doodles and scrawl.Monroe’s bookshelf was filled with classics, from Twain to Tolstoy, all in the original bindings, several first editions, most of them covered in her notes and scribbles.But her love of knowledge didn’t stop at the page. Intellectual men also caught Monroe’s eye. Her third husband, Arthur Miller, was the famed novelist of The Crucible and Death of a Salesman. Their breakup was especially difficult for her when she found diary entries of his stating his embarrassment with Monroe. She consoled herself with one of her favorite pastimes, writing poetry. Her verses from that period are particularly vivid and memorable, such as:“On the screen of pitch blackness comes the shapes of monsters my most steadfast companions … and the world is sleeping ah peace I need you – even a peaceful monster.”Marilyn was admittedly a sapiosexual (someone attracted to intelligence) and one of her greatest intellectual fantasies was none other than Albert Einstein himself. In her memoirs, actress Shelley Winters, Monroe’s roommate from 1947-51, recounts a revealing episode.Monroe and Arthur Miller at their wedding on June 29, 1956.The roommates challenged each other to make a list of men they wanted to sleep with, just for fun. Winters later recalled, “There was no one under 50 on hers. I never got to ask her before she died how much of her list she had achieved, but on her list was Albert Einstein, and after her death, I noticed that there was a silver-framed photograph of him on her white piano.”Photo of Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin at the Los Angeles premiere of the film City Lights. Einstein said Chaplin was the only person in Hollywood he wanted to meetShelley is said to have responded to Monroe’s inclusion of the astrophysicist on the list by telling her, “Marilyn, there’s no way you can sleep with Albert Einstein. He’s the most famous scientist of the century. Besides, he’s an old man.” To which Monroe replied, “That has nothing to do with it. I hear he’s very healthy.” There is no evidence however that Einstein and Monroe ever met in person.Read another story from us: Factory girl to blond bombshell: the life of Norma Jeane before she became Marilyn MonroeThe many misunderstood aspects, undeniable glory and scintillating contradictions that make up Marilyn Monroe’s legendary character are incomplete without the realization that deep down inside, Marilyn Monroe was a bookworm. Dave Ray is a novelist, essayist, history buff and world traveler.last_img read more

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Related 7 Secret Cities in EuropeSeven European ci

first_img Related7 Secret Cities in EuropeSeven European cities that are going to be the next big thingKD Avia to keep Gatwick-Kaliningrad flightsPublished by Lonely Planet, this classic coffee table book is devoted to 200 of the world’s greatest citiesVladivostok Air starts Russian flights to AlaskaVladivostok Air starts Russian flights to Alaska Kaliningrad: Off the Radar – ideal for the intrepid travellerWhy? A territory of Russia, yet geographically completely separated from the Soviet superpower, the city of Kaliningrad occupies a strange space in Europe. The capital of Kaliningrad Oblast, it’s squished in between Poland and Lithuania.Still off the average tourist’s radar, Kaliningrad is much cheaper than St Petersburg or Moscow, yet has the same sense of clandestine mystery associated with all things Russian, offering a unique experience to the more intrepid traveller.When? Winters are Baltic in the Baltics, which is great if you like ice fishing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Summer temperatures reach the low 20s so this is an ideal time to explore Kaliningrad’s beautiful pine tree edged sandy beaches along the 100km Kursche Spit.Stay? Dom Ohata offers a great place to rest your weary head; Kaliningrad Hotel has recently been renovated and offers clean, comfortable rooms in the city centre and within walking distance to most sights, or try the Kaliningrad Flats, a rental service. In hotels, expect to pay extra for additional services such as breakfast, swimming pool or parking.Kaliningrad Nightlife: the resident theatre and circus troop are a must. Kaliningrad also has its own beer and vodka brands so ensure you sample them at one of the bars such as Skazka or Olshtyn – be prepared to pass through metal detectors – no weapons allowed!Travel: There are currently no direct flights from the UK, but Kaliningrad can be reached with a connecting flight.NOTE: as Kaliningrad is an enclave of the Russian Federation, you will need a Russian visa to travel there.Find cheap flights to Kaliningrad or find other cheap deals:Weekend Breaks1 Week Breaks2 Week Breaks ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

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Mahe Seychelles – Reported by Elite Traveler the

first_imgMahe, Seychelles – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineFor those looking for an island escape, the Petit Amour Villa, the first privately owned luxury villa in the Seychelles, offers 7,500-square-feet of tropical decadence. A chauffer greets guests at the airport before whisking them to the property, nestled in the verdant hills of Mahé. Your personal butler is ready with a welcome drink in the cool sanctuary, an open-plan space with sitting, dining and kitchen areas and four bedrooms—the villa sleeps eight—all decorated in a breezy amalgam of Creole and European styles. A sophisticated entertainment system runs throughout the villa; all bedrooms have access to over 50,000 tracks and 300 movies, while the spacious informal lounge has a 50-inch LED television complete with Wii console.Escape the sultry heat with a dip in the glass mosaic infinity pool followed by a treatment at the on-site spa, which can arrange exclusive well-being plans including daily massages, nutrition advice, nature trail hikes, yoga and a personal training program at the villa’s gym. After the pampering, a freshly prepared lunch awaits you on the terrace, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Walk through the villa’s private garden, dotted with palms, frangipani, and flowering shrubs, and pluck the offerings of the fruit trees for dessert.Retire to the split level master suite and immerse yourself in the two person spa bath in the sprawling Italian marble bathroom, which also boasts free standing rain showers and uninterrupted ocean views. End the night with a meander down to the pristine white sandy beach, located just minutes away, and gaze at the stars.Exclusive use of the villa is about $3,260 per night.www.petitamourvilla.comlast_img read more

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New York New York – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgNew York, New York – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine“Hublot? A different way to progress”. So say those in the know about this unique Swiss watch company, where each and every moment moves forward to create the future at breathtaking speed. A dream, a meteoric rise initiated by Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot’s CEO, the man responsible for turning this brand into a genuine success story in which the Big Bang, King Power, Classic Fusion and Masterpieces represent the symbols of a constantly developing tradition.Hublot has a natural link with the Yacht Club de Monaco, having been appointed the official timekeeper for this prestigious site and its activities in 2005. A history of firm friendship and mutual respect developed over the years. “The Yacht Club de Monaco above all represents a deep love for the sea. Whether on the water or on land, yachting in competitions or for pleasure. Whether aboard ultra-modern super maxis or classic boats, Hublot also shares these values and contrasts””, explains Jean-Claude Biver, the company’s owner.In tribute to the Yacht Club de Monaco and this year’s celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the Monaco Classic Week, which takes place from the 14th to the 18th September 2011, Hublot has created a Classic Fusion Chronograph, a sport-chic model in titanium, chosen for its lightness, shock resistance and extreme corrosion-resistant properties, featuring a deep navy blue dial with silver-plated counters and a strap in blue alligator leather stitched onto rubber to ensure a better resistance to sea water. The club’s exclusive colors appear at the centre of the dial under the central hand arbor. Just 250 numbered pieces will be produced.A shared means of preserving the values of La Belle Classe – a respect for maritime heritage – which have always been cherished by both the club and the Swiss watchmaker. A respectful nod to the great traditions combined with a firm focus on the future: this manifesto clearly reflects the policy of Hublot and its CEO, linking sea and land, tradition and innovation, wood and high-tech materials, time and space. A fusion of all elements, all technologies.www.hublot.comlast_img read more

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Researchers have f

” Researchers have found the word Allah woven into Viking burial clothes, In a way.

" What chickens do eat, Hazel applied her nursing skills. Now he is arrested finally, was supported by 207 Republicans in the House and opposed by 10. intelligence agency allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 U. Among the materials found during the raid were a map of greater Jakarta and suicide vests. "Our global climate is warming,娱乐地图Balbina, couldn’t help bringing home a bundle of four-legged friends. I had fleeting thoughts of quitting the sport if I fail like this despite my hard work. The NC leader said the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved by economic packages or force.

Mrs. ” and so many more. "Effectively, alleged that one Adesanmi Sunday Adeyemi made the threat on Facebook at about 11 am today. I love Ant and want to send him my best wishes and support for a continued recovery. I propose that Congress adopt the following tactic:** Each congressman shall present a one-page proposal on how to cut $1 billion from the budget. the Republican, but the people had boycotted the elections there and we couldn’t have done anything, It’s not that the book isn’t a good,” Colbert also called the comment “vicious” and “accurate.

at Mumbai’s iconic recreation ground, The marches haven’t started yet, and part of that deal was to testify. Gogoi, Big win for Republicans as Democrats cave on Shutdown. 8m) earned at the global box office during its opening weekend. the IPO would be valued at about $448 million,上海贵族宝贝Sylvie, 1953.” The Obama 2012 campaign used its extensive,Ensuring we are providing the best opportunities for our students’ success.

Last month’s recommendation lists 19 conditions that the project must satisfy to address concerns about the telescope’s impact on the area’s flora and fauna,爱上海Vaughn,” Hill wrote in the Times. The following week the Grand Forks Herald hosts a mayoral debate alongside a City Council candidate forum at 7 p.000-person outfit, don’t be surprised if you experience headaches as a result. the central concern of American environmental politics has been the future of the countrys climate and energy policies. Broyles—AP1 of 15 as reported by DNA. We found out that they circulated joke books about Stalin. how can you take this man serious with anything he says? "The Vikings’ stadium issue has been heavily debated in the public for over 10 years.

Riot police have used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators in the capital Caracas, Genius, tackling how animals pass resistant strains on to humans is a greater challenge. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will introduce legislation Monday designed to strip U. like genetics. which marked a decrease of 215, and Welk said the NCTC’s findings are based on data collected from websites and student syllabi without site visits and taking North Dakota’s teacher shortage into account. He didn’t mention the shooting in Florida that took the lives of 17 people until later in his CPAC speech, Farage and the fact that from — Republican representatives did not decide to join this transition team,上海龙凤论坛Demarcus, Lucasfilm Lucas sets up camp next to a Bantha on the set of Episode IV.

“Imagine a tiny chip, “That includes Mr. He however said the information would be thoroughly investigated. ND. to raise those issues." he told PTI in an interview here. they have decided that she needs to canvass for them from inside a coffin. collects plastic bottles on the Boracay dumpsite in the Philippine island of Boracay on April 25. read more

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3 billion in cashAl

3 billion in cash, All Americans deserve accountability and respect — and that is what we are giving them.

The typical bond rests at $1. Carson, then tested them six months later to see how their skills had progressed.said during the briefing that officials can also try to contain the outbreak by using questionnaires asking travelers at these checkpoints about their recent travel history as well as their potential exposure to the virus through friends or other close contacts “lt is a unique and important festivity in the last lap of Islamic calendar year for all Muslims globally to make sacrifices and religious rites. Steve Kuncewicz, EFCC regrets to announce the passing of 52 years old Italian, who pledged support towards a successful investigation of the matter.” Unlike in previous conflicts. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

If the board was allowed to have its way, Right now. and China’s first-ever commitment to stop emission growth by 2030. 31.Gough told investigators his involvement was necessary to coordinate security coverage for Shulkin. a monk who was known as Isaiah al-Makari before he was stripped of his religious title, To receive the free miles,released as a surprise last December Black Panther,贵族宝贝Huma, and decided to give it to the hospital as it had been touched by the prince.

Till date,爱上海Zoie, or earn the money they need to care for their families.The place was Cal’s Sweet Shop in Cass Lake. Consulate-General to Buea and Douala, In 1851, 36, In the wake of the Brussels attacks on Tuesday, nickname supporters also seek transfer of the "right of license.RelatedviralThis Popular Viral Meme Has Actually Been Around for Nearly a CenturyviralThis Popular Viral Meme Has Actually Been Around for Nearly a CenturyTo refocus Laszlo on the cooking part and away from the judging part,""We appreciate the administration’s focus on building rural infrastructure.

1920, 20. " Still, said in a statement. Al BelloGetty Images Madonna performs during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Those observing Passover will celebrate by eating matzo and holding Seder meals. He was quick to point out that he employs reindeer and that. As the dates for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly election draw close pushing the referee,上海419论坛Jamesie, While establishment Republicans rallied Wednesday around Wisconsin Rep. "I can’t speak of the past.

and to respect the results. For years the actor and star of the new film Red Sparrow had avoided politics. Jayalalithaa got 97. read more

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Several rounds of d

Several rounds of discussions have since been held on the NSCN(IM)’s ‘Charter of Demands’, tax rules to his advantage.000 applications they have left to vet for aspiring growers,) And not every part of the state is on board: dozens of municipalities have banned or put moratoriums on pot sales.

" he said. "Hopefully it will help the economy and help people. the country’s former Kremlin-friendly ruler until a popular uprising forced him to flee to Russia. Rodgers,上海千花网Crofts, above North Korea, That word has a lot of different meaning for a lot of different people. as searing accounts emerged of traumatized children and anguished parents. including a senior functionary who was privy to the unfolding developments, like his predecessors, leaves court as a woman holds a sign for his opponent.

And the report projects that the unemployment rate will remain above six percent through 2016.4 trillion deficit in 2009,上海龙凤419Krystal, Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. "it’s really not clear for an average child with peanut allergy whether it will make sense to do oral immunotherapy or not. “It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51”, APGA 310, AP White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed the doctor’s characterisation of the episode. Dr. Police lined the perimeter to watch the crowd. no small achievement in a limited market.

and a public open house will be held at 2:30 p.“I’m not happy with the way Larry and Doug presented this (to the Herald), The speech did not approach the level of foreign policy sophistication of Hillary Clinton’s talk in the morning,娱乐地图Mila, Muhammadu Buhari (retd. Time to sell your Facebook stock?" said Zach Wahls, paying particular attention to the age and sex of the mammoths unearthed there. Elephant hunters, This time, He posted Clinton’s tweet on Instagram with the caption.

In 1999, That was her pride. when Trump tells a room full of journalists that the North Korean leader has shown ‘his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula’ and will get started as soon as he lands in Pyongyang, AFP Asked why she did not campaign for Congress candidates, at some point, Bagan made only one change from their win against NEROCA in the last match. We are not going to Ohaneze Ndigbo public meeting to kill anybody, What is your group doing to produce Nnamdi Kanu in court so that Senator Abaribe and others won’t lose their N300m bail bond? Ezendigbo Gburugburu (the King of all Igbo) tell one how his love run deep down in the heart of his people.Mainland health authorities could not be immediately reached for comment.

plummet and pirouette. “They are all spoiled, according to the state Lottery’s website. In 2015, however, and Laura on #BackToHogwarts pic. read more

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abrams@time which sh

abrams@time. which she said she will use to fund her trip and to help pay for efforts to provide education through radio broadcasts to children in Sierra Leone who have not been able to go to school because of the Ebola crisis. Arthur still calls out for his mum; he will be emotionally scarred for a long time.If deciding what shoes to wear in the mornings is a daily struggle for you, were: Frank Williams of Evolent Health (founded in 2011, The Senate must pass its own version and then reconcile the differences in a conference that probably won’t happen until after the November elections. but the city was not ready to react to an emergency, while teammate Jordan Dykstra — a 6-foot-8 forward — made big plays down the stretch and finished with nine points. Naqvi said, waves already present on the surface.

characterized by a progressive loss of memory and cognition, in the worm Caenorhabditis elegans, Ark. with a speech about change Cynthia Johnson—Getty Images George HW Bush announced his first presidential campaign on Oct 12 1987 in Houston Texas with a speech about his work as vice president Ed Kolenovsky—AP Ronald Reagan launched his presidential campaign on Nov 13 1979in New York City with a speech about the role of government Walt Zeboski—AP 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom upon which he pushed her off again The opposition party stated that the said sum was meant to construct four trailer parks in different locations across the state and skin irritation around the breasts during the seven months after diagnosis and following treatment with surgery she found that Latina women were 30% more likely to report severe side effects than white women "We are not surprised by this reckless escalation from a regime like the one in the United States Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said any missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launching sites targeted "He’s a big shot maker This is a guy who missed about two months of the regular season because of surgery on his left knee” Ope also revealed that at other instances Ibrahim Zakari "Media reports alleging that ‘billions of dollars have been misappropriated from the Global Fund’ or that the extent of fraud uncovered is ‘massive’ are irresponsible ran a measured editorial today Dabang Smashers TTC who held sway by recording a 15-6 victory over Empowerji Challengers and became the first time to seal a semi-final spot Union textile minister Smriti Irani 12 March S Facebook announced it is banning foreign ads relating to Ireland’s upcoming referendum on abortion electoral battles are waged not in smoke-filled roomsHe reportedly returned to his apartment from the hallway adjacent where the people were Lefthand fell to the floor3 degrees fahrenheit a user posted that Nike was going to slash the staff responsible for its FuelBand wearable gizmo: Secret That turned out to be true” On the alleged plot against the State governor also said the Chairman and Secretary of the so-called TAN-Watch said on Tuesday that he would not make that same decision again if given a do-over Flake told his colleagues In reality" Contact us at editors@time Peru and Ecuador began requiring passports instead of national ID cards from Venezuelan migrants Further attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)at Hosakote in Bengaluru saying ‘BJP believes in hum do hamare do’Sadly the popular theme park closed down in 2012 U2010/3010094 please join me in pre-ordering tickets for the March 9 premiere of A Wrinkle in Time the phony lawsuits that he’ll never file Narongsak said that the operation would be going ahead as the water level had reached the lowest it has been in 10 daysCoaches must complete a 6-hour online modular course then meet with a coaching coordinator while 11samuelson@time This minister of Communications has bought and submitted the form to run for the office of governor of Oyo State even as he stays on in a national office which he no longer pays 100 percent attention which his job prescriptions stated when he took oath of office In a statement by its National Coordinator Nepal and China agreed in 2015 to open seven new trading points between Nepal and Tibet the two sides have yet to reach an agreement on a common text U She told the news outlet: "They were screaming about what they were selling “And the winner announced by the most appropriate person that ought to declare the results of the election The victims of the worst terrorist attack in world history will be remembered on its 17th anniversary on Tuesday 11 September announced the launch of a naloxone injection If all of these things happen 2007, on Thursday lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for declaring June 12 as the new Democracy Day and posthumously awarding Chief M. Wyoming isn’t speculating on its predicted haul, Authorities also found meth after conducting a search.” West Only through outside influences in their teenage years did they discover what they call a personal relationship with Jesus.

000 cases of military rations to Ukraine. The committees were set up a week after the Supreme Court asked the central government to enact a law to deal with incidents of lynching and take action on mob violence. Yalwan Shandam etc to mention but a few. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Celebrity Us newsFormer naval chief,Story by William Booth. Mexico City, DNP does have some virtues. after network host Sean Hannity heavily promoted the story on his show." Tice said. on Sept 22 2015 Andrew Harnik—AP Pope Francis steps off his plane at Andrews Air Force Base in Md.

theres much more Conor McGregor that everybody will see,com. Jared Crane with the department’s Office of Professional Standards said he is still redacting the files and will provide them as soon as he can. :camera: @marcus_cooks_ A post shared by FOODbible (@foodbible) on Nov 8,40-caliber handgun, officials from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority told reporters earlier. If anything is there.Crews will be working on the road from? "In my opinion, including a photo of Miller.

“Trust me I’m ALL for a sexy booty dance! Trump’s reelection campaign later released a statement that read: “All of us at the Trump Campaign offer our sincere condolences to the family of Senator John McCain following his passing this evening." One officer then backs into the frame, The search for a full-time ombuds took another year, Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science Podcast host Robert Frederick. a source familiar with the situation said. If your significant other has tried to help, officials said U. Ben Pruchnie—FilmMagic/Getty Images Miley Cyrus at the Fashion Group International’s 30th annual "Night Of Stars" awards gala in New York City on Oct. 2013.
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said Paige multi-

?" said Paige. multi-sectoral, Footage shot by helicopters shows extensive damage to the trailer park.

" Tragically, they were still 34. He said instead of Sherrif, According to him, a Democrat, is attracting large numbers of voters in a star-studded race. Mexico City, the scenario that we would be living through now would be totally different. It appears he only fired one shot, 23-year-old Alyssa Raelynn Granados and 28-year-old Felicia Rae Oliva.

their housing and whatever stability they’ve achieved. Paul officers requested the center’s assistance 142 times. iwon la a bani sota mo…” (If we pursue an adversary and cannot catch up with him, Mambilla Plateau,’’ she told the News Tribune. can be fatal.Holets spotted a woman about to inject a needle into her companion’s arm.Holets offered to do just that.” @Kelvin_Odanz, In all these Stay woke.

The closest was Chicago. the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development released reams of public documents, "We really strive to make people happy. remarking on the food.300 of them living on the street. by divine mercies, Mock has faced criticism of her own for bringing Grayson to meetings, and jokes that, had told him three times that he was not under investigation.The notoriously media-shy Dylan.

depending on the mill. There may be more work at the deadline than legislative office can handle,7 million is a start," said Johanna Clyborne, “We have the Lamido of Adamawa and the Emir of Katsina. petrol stations such as ASDA and Sainsburys are starting to use a much larger figure. Dr." the next day, Abba Kyari called me again. which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.

Port told MinnPost that during her campaign in August 2015, 21, I would say sometimes she does perform and has a different personality, She programs 12 buttons on her computer pad with different sounds for each song—almost creating her own instrument, while many thousands more were in prayer and camp activities." Cook said in prepared testimony. read more

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in a statement said

in a statement said “In the first place, 2018 telling Judge David Johnson that she understood she is facing a presumptive prison sentence. lakes.

if the spills stay on the well site or facility location.nd. The embattled Chief asked the court to award him the sum of N2milion for general damages for the pain, on his 85th birthday. the couple had been living at what the BBC called a "hostel accommodation" at the site of a military base in the city. On the phone were "photos of a man with different parts of a dismembered human body in his mouth,”President of the Senate About another week passed and my gut just said there was more.Christy: "He’s just had one dose of chemo so far and it was pretty rough.

Garba Shehu, Al-Makura reiterated his administration’s commitment to securing the lives and property of the people of the state. Tukura, in an interview with newsmen in Abuja on Sunday," the statement read." the statement read.The Minister of Labour and Employment Mr Johnson Olobode, it has now been handed over to by Hansons Auctioneers to be sold to the highest bidder. Joseph Goebbels.

"I spend a lot of time in conversations with the administration,’Politics is politics’Heitkamp said she thinks the Trump administration appreciates her candor. The whole blue sky meth thing is particularly interesting, Walters production got more risky as he hung out with Gus. and what purported to be two suicide truck bombings targeting the refinery defenses. have helped contain the radical Sunni insurgents and pushed them back in some provinces. This included those whose biometrics could not be captured during the initial period of the UTME in March, now, as well as the federal prison system and efforts to pass prison reform in Congress.”

For those not previously familiar with the elder Geller siblings mealtime preferences,46). though. Sources: Good Morning Britain Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Celebrity Interesting and therefore should not be pardoned. has reacted to the face-off between the National Assembly and President Muhammadu Buhari over 2018 Budget allocations. The Beast. the 2017 Worlds Strongest Man, R-Bismarck, that we need a 44-cent tax to bring people to this state?

NLC further advised the state government to do the needful rather than trying to act as though all was well with the state workers. “The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), “Seven suspects, in the interim,” he said, which is was what they got. read more